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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Thu May 28, 2015 11:28 am

1: Be nice, it's not like this is supposed to be some hostile enviroent. If you are being a dick to someone or them to you, someone should bring it up and it will be adressed

2: Be respectful, this goes along with the niceness thing. Treat others how you wish to be treated and don't go flaming a mod/admin for something they did. Chances are, it was for good reason

3: Don't one-line, k? Make at least a small paragraph of 3 detailed sentences or it's more accepted if you have 5-10 detailed sentences.

4: Post order, please take good care to acknowledge the post order. If there is 3 people don't leave one person in the dust because two of you wanna go off on your own. There is an exception to this rule if someone doesn't post for 24 hours, then they need to find their way back in

5: Don't try to get around rules or punishments. If you break a CB rule and get banned for three days, don't PM a different mod one day later saying "it's been three days." Every mod is informed of every punishment, and trying to get around such punishments will result in harsher ones.

6: Definitely don't use any racist, sexist, or other hateful language in CB or in character. Anyone caught doing so will IMMEDIATELY be banned.

7: In CB, any mod abusing power will be stripped of mod position, so let an admin know of that

8: Swearing is fine while in CB, but don't go too profane with it. If you're pissed off and say "damn" or "f**k" that's fine, but don't do this:

9: Moderators can kick or ban people, with good reason. If they have no reason for a ban you'll be unbanned and theyll no longer be mods

These rules work so that it gives you a "multiple strike" type deal
One site violation: warning
Two site violations: One day ban
Three site violations: One week ban
Four site violations: Permanent ban

One CB violation: warning kick
Two CB violations: ban for an hour
Three CB violations: Ban for a day
Four CB violations: Week-long ban
Five CB violations: permanent CB ban
*It should be noted depending on how intense the violation is certain punishments will be skipped

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Basic Rules
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