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 The Site in a Nutshell for New Users

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PostSubject: The Site in a Nutshell for New Users   Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:47 am

Ni Hao! This is just for those who are beginning to get here, and don't know their way around our little plot device and things of that matter. NO PROBLEM, because NEVER FEAR, SAFIA IS HERE!!! Ugh... That sounded so much better and not much of a cliche in my head...

Anyways this site isn't your general D&D-style "questing, fantasy, fighting" roleplay site. We tried it... Didn't work. That's probably why to some of you the header may say "The Forsaken Realm," rather than "Sun and Moon." Anyways off of our past failures this site is more of a school-type one, which puts less emphasis on combat and more on story. Shocking, right?

Well now off of how the site works and now onto more of the actual plot. This site went to the Romeo + Juliet school of having two major companies/families inside the same city. Here are the two schools that are in the city.

There is the school of Asolum, a beautiful school which trains for "elite" students with the best of their abilities. Students attending this school are only accepted if they have proven to be very intellectual in terms of grades, or if they have a lot of money, or both. This school and it's inhabitants are mostly geared towards the rich side of things, and that is generally how your characters should be. Sure you may have a poor kid once or twice for plot an story, but mostly they should be either rich or extremely smart. Also don't think were trying to control your personalities or whatever, because not all rich people are the snobby kind. Seriously, my main character hates being rich. Anyways that's just about it for Asolum, for more info go to its School Information or read the categories.

Next up is Lunerium, a high school quite the opposite of Asolum. These people are generally dirt poor, and while they still may be smart this school isn't as strict as Asolum is, such as having all of your students maintain an A- average, while in this school all you would need is the bare minimum. These students are not all hood rats and gang members and all (while you can be if you wish) these students are just in a state of lacking a sufficient amount of money. They are not (all) dumb, not (all) violent, although they can be. The school isn't in as good a shape as Asolum's is, it's rundown, with bad equipment, but still functional. Basically it's on the bare essentials, and the teachers don't really care for anything. Lunerium high is on the "bad" side of things.

Now ready for those Romeo and Juliet references? Well the two schools obviously hate each other. Asolum hates Lunerium because they think such a petty school with students like them should not be in Eclipse City, and it should be rebuilt into something better. Lunerium hates Asolum because Asolum has what Lunerium doesn't, and is jealous. Lunerium thinks that Asolum flaunts their richness around, and plays with Lunerium just to get laughs out of seeing them struggle. These two schools have brawls a lot, more than acceptable by the administrators, and so certain members of the school try to end the feud between the two schools. See that? R+J without a crappy suicide love story.

Now you're wondering your part right? Well your part as a role player is to chose a school, create a character from that school, and role play. Simple right? You aren't limited to only that area, you aren't limited to role playing with only other [school name] students, none of that! Okay, so now that we've got this out of the way go to the question thread if you have any more questions.

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The Site in a Nutshell for New Users
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