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 Corey James

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PostSubject: Corey James   Fri May 29, 2015 3:23 am

Name: Corey (Coraline) James
Age: 15
Gender: Female (Crossdresser)
Personality: Shy, meek and rather introverted, tends to stay away from people. Has an unhealthy fascination with the class president. Behaves more like a boy than a girl.
Family: Kirk James, Father, rich and powerful, often judgemental of his daughter, constantly tries to get her to act more like a girl, even making several awkward dates for her with other boys. Mother, typical housewife, overly supporting of her daughter and much too lovey dovey, often makes Corey uncomfortable. Older brother, treats Corey much like a younger brother, gives her his old clothes and belongings.
Background: Corey was born into a high-class family during her Father's late 30s. The way she was raised was very similar to the way her older brother was raised, and a slight hormonal defect wound up shaping Corey closer to a boy, in the sense that her breasts had trouble growing beyond A-cups and her hips were closer together than most girls. Her father is a fairly renowned brain surgeon, who's paid quite well for his work. Having a fairly average childhood, despite trying to be like a boy, her life was a constant struggle of the instincts to dress and behave like her brother, and her father trying to get her to conform to the norms of being a girl. Having given up by the time Corey finished Junior High, her father more or less cashed out of her life and she's been making her own decisions for quite some time, and is doing quite well, with a 3.96 GPA, a small net of 'nerd' friends and most of the things any rich girl can ask for. Her first year at Asolum and she's already taken a liking to the class president, admiring her nobility and the way she holds herself, the sense of justice she carries around, though Corey never worked up the nerve to talk to her, she's been spying on her and doing nice things for her when she can, while staying discrete.
School: Asolum
Year: First Year
Dorm Number: 112
Pic of Dorm:
Strongpoint: Mathematics
Flaw: Gym
Extracurriculars:Chess Club Champion, Baseball Team (batboy), Anime Club
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PostSubject: Re: Corey James   Fri May 29, 2015 3:30 am

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Corey James
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